2021-11-12 14:09Press release

Anette Novak New CEO of Swedish Film Institute

Anette Novak. Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström/Statens medierådAnette Novak. Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström/Statens medieråd

The Board of Directors of the Swedish Film Institute has appointed Anette Novak as the new CEO. Ms. Novak joins SFI from the post of Director General at The Swedish Media Council.

“I am delighted to be able to announce that Anette Novak will be the new CEO of the Swedish Film Institute. Film in Sweden and internationally is facing revolutionary changes, given digitalization and changing viewer habits. The Swedish Film Institute therefore needs a strong leader and a unifying force that can develop the operation in line with external changes. The Board found these very abilities in Anette Novak,” says Claes Ånstrand, Chairman of the Board of SFI.

“Film plays a pivotal role in our society. The Swedish Film Institute has a broad and complex remit: to protect our film heritage, to strengthen the role of moving pictures in education, and to stimulate the continued development, production and distribution of Swedish film. As CEO, Ms. Novak will be the unifying force that SFI needs, both internally and externally. With her far-reaching background, she and the management team will work concertedly to fulfil this task,” Claes Ånstrand concludes.

“I am delighted and honoured for the board’s trust, and look forward to taking on the exciting task of leading the Swedish Film Institute into the future. It will be challenging, which is why I will be approaching the task with great humility. Having said that, I also feel sure that I – alongside my expert colleagues and other experienced people in the Swedish film industry – will be able to help consolidate the position of Swedish film both here at home and internationally,” says Ms. Novak.

Since 2018, Ms. Novak has been Director General of The Swedish Media Council, whose responsibilities include film classification in Sweden. She was previously Head of the Swedish Government’s National Inquiry on Media Policy (2015–16), the aim of which was to develop new tools for media policy in the future. In 2013–18, Ms. Novak was CEO of the state-owned ICT and design research institute, RISE Interactive Institute AB. Ms. Novak is a qualified journalist and has held many managerial positions in the field, including as editor-in-chief and responsible publisher for Skellefteå newspaper Norran (2009–12), and she has been a member of high-profile boards including newspaper publishing organization Tidningsutgivarna, Sveriges Radio and the Tinius Trust. She also represented Sweden in the World Editors Forum for many years.

Ms. Novak has a solid background in leading complex change processes, digitalization, business development and innovation. She has led management training programmes and strategic R&D projects, and has coached leaders both in Sweden and internationally.

Anette Novak will take up the post of CEO on 4 April 2022.

For interview enquiries (Anette Novak or Board Chairman Claes Ånstrand), please contact:
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