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Anna Serner to resign as CEO of Swedish Film Institute in autumn 2021

Anna Serner. Photo by Jessica ScanlonAnna Serner. Photo by Jessica Scanlon

Anna Serner has chosen to resign after ten years as CEO, during which the Swedish Film Institute has undergone major changes. She will remain in duty during her notice period, until autumn 2021. Anna Serner is especially noted for launching the 50/50by2020 initiative in 2016.

The Swedish Film Institute was founded in 1963 by the Swedish state and the various professional national bodies of the film industry. Since January 1 2017, the Swedish Film Institute is financed exclusively by state funding. The Swedish Film Institute is assigned to support the production of new films, the distribution and screening of worthwhile films, to preserve, promote and develop Sweden's film heritage, to promote film creation and film literacy to children and young people and to work with Swedish film on an international level.

Anna Serner began as CEO on October 1, 2011. During her time as CEO she has been a guest and lecturer at festivals all over the world, where she has shared Swedish film and the work for parity and diversity. At the Cannes Film Festival 2016 she launched the Swedish Film Institute's initiative 50/50by2020, which became one of the starting points for greater awareness and work for parity within the global film industry.

– Over these past ten years a lot has happend within the film industry, says Anna Serner. I have been invited to so many discussions and meetings all over the world. We all face the same challenges and we have so much to learn from each other. There has been a mixture of everything from Mogul speaker at TIFF, hosting five Ministers on stage at Cannes, speaking at LGBTQ+ festival Side-By-Side in St Petersburg and meeting Maori film makers in New Zealand. It has been educational and deeply rewarding. Also, each and every time I have been able to show a Swedish Film, that has "blown their minds". It has been a true rivilege, says Anna Serner.

Swedish film has always had a strong position internationally since the Golden Days with directors Victor Sjöström and Mauritz Stiller, the Ingmar Bergman era, and filmmakers such as Mai ZetterlingGunnel Lindblom and Bo Widerberg. The past decade has brought strong new filmmakers such as Amanda KernellRuben ÖstlundRoy AnderssonNiki Lindroth von BahrAli Abassi and Ninja Thyberg among many, many others.

– Anna Serner has hepred to create a wider range of film makers in Sweden during her years at the Swedish Film Institute, says Claes Ånstrand, Chairman of the Board of SFI. We on the board especially wish to emphasize the great and important work Anna Serner has done to find new means to raise and broaden quality by working with inclusion perspectives.

Anna Serner will remain as CEO during her notice period, until the end of October. She will also continue chairing the working group for gender inclusion and wider inclusion at European Film Agencies (EFAD), until successors have been found.

– I feel that there is still a lot to be done, and that there are so many active people who are in a good position to continue the path of change. Therefore, I want to step back and allow new voices and perspectives to step forward. I think this is particularly important in Sweden, since the role of CEO of the Swedish Film Institute brings with it a lot of power. I will do my very best to contribute to a smooth succession over the coming six months. After that I will take time to focus on what my next steps will be, Anna Serner concludes.

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