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Earworms, hip-hop and Moodysson

Manne Indahl and Elin Övergaard, Isabella Rodriguez, Lukas Moodysson, Jakob Arevärn, Patrik Eklund and Chimichurri.Manne Indahl and Elin Övergaard, Isabella Rodriguez, Lukas Moodysson, Jakob Arevärn, Patrik Eklund and Chimichurri.

Six projects have been selected for Echoes - the Swedish Film Institute's and Sveriges Television’s investment in short films and music. The projects feature angry conductors, fat bass and passionate Eurodance. The premiere is set to the Göteborg Film Festival in 2025.

Among the selected directors are Elin Övergaard, who competed in Cannes with Who Talks (Ingen lyssnar), Lukas Moodysson, who is making his first short film in almost thirty years, and Patrik Eklund, recently behind the successful slasher comedy The Conference (Konferensen).

– There has been an absolutely fantastic response to this with a whopping 97 applications. This has enabled a nice breadth among the selected projects both in terms of musical style, content and form, says Axel Petersén, the Film Institute's film consultant for short films and new formats.

– I love how the investment has inspired and produced such a high level and breadth of applications. I look forward to working with the selected projects and I hope that many people will see these films and discover both the short film as a format and all the creators we work with, says Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh, Commissioning Editor SVT Short film & Documentary.

The projects
Vi går inte härifrån (English title tba), director: Lukas Moodysson
A man has been fired and wants his job back. They won't give it to him. With two friends he decides to occupy the manager's office. A film inspired by one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever heard in this country.

Öronmask (English title tba), director: Patrik Eklund
Ulph Degerfors is driven to the limits of insanity to get rid of the song stuck in his head.

Vem fan är Hugo Alfvén? (English title tba), directors: Elin Övergaard and Manne Indahl
A conductor scolds his dying audience.

12 Points, director: Isabella Rodriguez
Wiktor and Roman are two teenagers in Poland who love Eurovision. When arguments arise over who knows more about their favorite artist, Roman disappears. Wiktor becomes worried that something has happened to his best friend and sets out to search for him.

Råttan ibland oss (English title tba), director: Chimichurri (Mattias Ramos and Emil Ramos)
A music video shoot turns into a hostage drama when a quarter of a million Swedish krona goes missing.

Epadunk (English title tba), director: Jakob Arevärn
Anna is packing the world's fattest bass box into her A-traktor for tonight's date with Billy. Youthful love oozes in the night, but not everyone is impressed by the loud music. Soon the date turns into a life and death struggle.

For questions, contact
Axel Petersén, Film consultant short film and new formats
08 665 11 57

Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh, Commissioning Editor SVT Short film & Documentary
073 712 42 72

Patrik Axén, Production Controller
08 665 12 01

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