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Nominations for the 2019 Guldbagge Awards

Smiles all around among the nominated. Photo: Catherine Jarl / The Swedish Film InstituteSmiles all around among the nominated. Photo: Catherine Jarl / The Swedish Film Institute

At a press conference in Stockholm today the nominations for the Guldbagge Awards for 2019 were announced. And Then We Danced and The Perfect Patient (Quick) are in the lead with seven nominations each, followed by Swoon (Eld & lågor) and 438 Days (438 dagar) which both gathered six nominations. The Guldbagge Awards are arranged by the Swedish Film Institute together with SVT and will be held at Cirkus in Stockholm on January 20.

A jury of 36 members in four groups came to the following result with regards to the nominations for the 2019 Guldbagge Awards, Sweden's national film awards. Special committees agreed on the nominations in the categories Best Short Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Foreign Language Film.

Best Film

438 Days (438 dagar)
Directed by Jesper Ganslandt
Produced by Sandra Harms and Karl Fredrik Ulfung

And Then We Danced                                                                     
Directed by Levan Akin
Produced by Mathilde Dedye and Ketie Danelia

About Endlessness (Om det oändliga)
Directed by Roy Andersson
Produced by Pernilla Sandström and Johan Carlsson

Sune – Best Man
Directed by Jon Holmberg
Produced by Malin Söderlund and Linus Stöhr Torell

Directed by Anna Eborn
Produced by David Herdies and Michael Krotkiewski

Best Director

Levan Akin
for And Then We Danced

Roy Andersson
for About Endlessness (Om det oändliga)

Jon Holmberg
for Sune – Best Man

Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja
for Aniara

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Pernilla August
for Britt-Marie in Britt-Marie Was Here (Britt-Marie var här)

Vigdis Hentze Björck
for Johanna in The Birdcatcher’s Son (Fågelfångarens son)

Emelie Garbers
for the Mimarobe in Aniara

Sanna Sundqvist
for Niki in Call Mom! (Ring mamma!)

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Levan Gelbakhiani
for Merab in And Then We Danced

Jonas Karlsson
for Hannes Råstam in The Perfect Patient (Quick)

Johannes Kuhnke
for Anders in I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Jag kommer hem igen till jul)

Gustaf Skarsgård and Matias Varela
for Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson i 438 Days (438 dagar)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Evin Ahmad
for Maggie in Call Mom! (Ring mamma!)

Alba August
for Jenny Küttim in The Perfect Patient (Quick)

Sissela Benn
for Karin in Sune – Best Man

Bianca Cruzeiro
for Isagel in Aniara

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Tomas von Brömssen
for Helmer in Sune – Best Man

David Dencik
for Sture Bergwall in The Perfect Patient (Quick)

Ulf Stenberg
for Mathias in A Stranger (Fraemling)

Bachi Valishvili
for Irakli in And Then We Danced

Best Screenplay

Levan Akin
for And Then We Danced

Roy Andersson
for About Endlessness (Om det oändliga)

Lisa Aschan
for Call Mom! (Ring mamma!)

Erlend Loe
for The Perfect Patient (Quick)

Best Cinematography

Lisabi Fridell
for And Then We Danced

Ragna Jorming
for The Perfect Patient (Quick)

Aril Wretblad
for Swoon (Eld & lågor)

Best Editing

Erika Gonzales, Kristin Grundström and Karolina Bengtsson
for Josefin & Florin

Rickard Krantz
for The Perfect Patient (Quick)

Anna Eborn
for Transnistra

Best Costume Design

Margrét Einarsdóttir
for Swoon (Eld & lågor)

Clinton Booyse
for 438 Days (438 dagar)

Anna Hagert and Anna Karlsson
for A Piece of My Heart (En del av mitt hjärta)

Best Sound/Sound Design

Andreas Franck and Fredrik Dalenfjäll
for 438 Days (438 dagar)

Claes Lundberg
for Josefin & Florin

Christian Holm and Niklas Skarp
for I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Jag kommer hem igen till jul)

Best Makeup

Jenny Fred
for A Piece of My Heart (En del av mitt hjärta)

AnnaCarin Lock
for The Perfect Patient (Quick)

Madeleine Gaterud and Therese Sandersson
for Swoon (Eld & lågor)

Best Original Score

Jon Ekstrand
for 438 Days (438 dagar)

Nathaniel Méchaly
for Swoon (Eld & lågor)

Johan Ramström
for Many Sides of Sara (Sara med allt sitt väsen)

Best Set Design

Teo Baramidze
for And Then We Danced

Anders Hellström, Frida Ekstrand Elmström and Nicklas Nilsson
for About Endlessness (Om det oändliga)

Pater Sparrow
for Swoon (Eld & lågor)

Best Visual Effects

Bert Deruyck and Kaj Steveman
for Swoon (Eld & lågor)

Torbjörn Olsson
for 438 Days (438 dagar)

Arild Andersson, Per Jonsson and Andreas Wicklund
for Aniara

Special jury groups for documentary films and short films have decided on the following nominations:

Best Short Film

Excess Will Save Us
Directed by Morgane Dziurla-Petit

Who Talks (Ingen lyssnar)
Directed by Elin Övergaard

Directed by Tova Mozard

Best Documentary Film

A Stranger (Fraemling)
Directed by Mikel Cee Karlsson

Josefin & Florin
Directed by Ellen Fiske and Joanna Karlberg

Directed by Anna Eborn

The jury group for Best Foreign Language Film has decided on the following nominations:

Best International Feature Film

Directed by Nadine Labaki

Marriage Story
Directed by Noah Baumbach

Directed by Bong Joon-ho

The Guldbagge Audience Award

The Guldbagge Audience Award (Guldbaggens publikpris) is produced by The Swedish Film Institute in collaboration with the Swedish news media Aftonbladet. It lets the public vote online on their favourite among the five Swedish films from 2019 with the biggest cinema audience. The voting process started on January 3, moving to phase two on January 10 when the three films with the most votes become finalists. Voting closes on January 15, and the film with the most votes (accumulated) will be presented with a Guldbagge Award at the gala.

The five films eligible for voting in the first round are:

Britt-Marie Was Here (Britt-Marie var här)
Directed by Tuva Novotny
Produced by Gustav Oldén and Nicklas Wikström Nicastro

A Piece of My Heart (En del av mitt hjärta)
Directed by Edward af Sillén
Produced by Patrick Ryborn

Hasse & Tage – En kärlekshistoria
Directed by Jane Magnusson
Produced by Fredrik Heinig and Cecilia Nessen

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Jag kommer hem igen till jul)
Directed by Ella Lemhagen
Produced by Sandra Harms and Rachel Bodros Wolgers

Sune – Best Man
Directed by Jon Holmberg
Produced by Malin Söderlund and Linus Torell

More awards at the ceremony

The Award of Honour (Hedersguldbagge) will be presented, as well as the Gullspira (for extraordinary contributions in films for children) and the award for Best Newcomer.

Awarded annually since 1964, the Guldbagge ("Golden Beetle") is the name of the Swedish Film Institute's award for achievements during the previous year. The award itself, in the form of a fantastical beetle, was designed by the artist Karl Axel Pehrson.

The Guldbagge Awards ceremony will be held on January 20 at Cirkus in Stockholm. Swedish Television (SVT) will be broadcasting the event live.

About The Swedish Film Institute

The Swedish Film Institute works to promote film across the board – from idea to finished product, during launch in Sweden and around the world, and by preserving films for posterity in our archives. The Guldbagge Awards are Sweden’s leading film awards and have been presented by The Swedish Film Institute since 1964. In our database The Swedish Film Database you can search for information about all Swedish feature-length films released at the cinema since 1897.


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