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Nominations for the 2020 Guldbagge Awards

Nominees gathered at Filmhuset in Stockholm. Photo by Pelle T Nilsson / SPANominees gathered at Filmhuset in Stockholm. Photo by Pelle T Nilsson / SPA

At a press conference in Stockholm today the nominations for the Guldbagge Awards for 2020 were announced. Charter by Amanda Kernell took the lead with seven nominations, while Tomas Alfredson's The Jonsson Gang and Run Uje Run, directed by Henrik Schyffert, garnered six nominations each. The Guldbagge Awards are arranged by the Swedish Film Institute together with SVT and will be held on January 25, 2021.

A jury of 36 members in four groups came to the following result with regards to the nominations for the 2020 Guldbagge Awards, Sweden's national film awards. Special committees agreed on the nominations in the categories Best Short Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Foreign Language Film.

Best Film

Produced by Lars G Lindström and Eva Åkergren

I Am Greta (Greta)                                                                                  
Produced by Cecilia Nessen and Fredrik Heinig

Produced by Sofie Palage

Scheme Birds
Produced by Mario Adamson and Ruth Reid

Run Uje Run (Spring Uje spring)
Produced by Anna-Klara Carlsten and Tomas Michaelsson

Best Director

Maria Bäck
for Psychosis in Stockholm (Psykos i Stockholm)

Nathan Grossman
for I Am Greta

Amanda Kernell
for Charter

Henrik Schyffert
for Run Uje Run

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Ane Dahl Torp
for Alice i Charter  

Irma von Platen
for Inland    

Josefin Neldén
for The Mother in Psychosis in Stockholm

Josefine Stofkoper
för The Daughter in Psychosis in Stockholm

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Uje Brandelius
for Uje in Run Uje Run

Adel Darwish
for Monir in Ghabe                            

Rolf Lassgård
for Marianne in My Father Marianne (Min pappa Marianne)

Johan Rheborg 
for Claes in Orca   

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Lena Endre
for Eva in My Father Marianne

Marie Göranzon
for Margit Vanheden in The Jonsson Gang (Se upp för Jönssonligan)

Eva Melander
for Lena in Inland

Marianne Mörck
for Lena-Sleva in Nelly Rapp Monster Agent (Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Ahmad Fadel
for Farid in Ghabe

Sverrir Gudnason
for Mattias in Charter

Erik Johansson
for John in Orca

Ville Virtanen
for Johannus in The Longest Day (Den längsta dagen)

Best Screenplay

Josephine Bornebusch and Gunnar A.K. Järvstad
for Orca

Uje Brandelius
for Run Uje Run

Maria Bäck
for Psychosis in Stockholm

Amanda Kernell 
for Charter

Best Editing

Fredrik Morheden
for Breaking Surface

Adi Omanovic
for Run Uje Run

Sarah Patient Nicastro
for Orca


Best Cinematography

Mathias Døcker and Jonathan Elsborg
for Meanwhile on Earth (Samtidigt på jorden)

Sophia Olsson
for Charter

Frida Wendel
for Run Uje Run

Best Sound/Sound Design

Jens Johansson
for The Average Color of the Universe

Fredrik Jonsäter
for The Jonsson Gang

Fredrik Lantz
for The Other Side (Andra sidan)

Best Original Score

Lars Greve
for Psychosis in Stockholm

Uno Helmersson
for Nelly Rapp Monster Agent

Ola Kvernberg
for Only the Devil Lives Without Hope

Best Visual Effects

Chimney VFX
for The Jonsson Gang

Oskar MellanderPetter BergmarHåkan OssiannAnders Nyman and Per Nyman 
for The Other Side

Jelmen Palsterman and Tony Kock
for Breaking Surface

Best Costume Design

Kicki Ilander
for Nelly Rapp Monster Agent

Daniela Krestelica
for The Other Side

Cilla Rörby
for The Jonsson Gang

Best Set Design

Sabine Hviid
for Charter

Linda Janson
for The Jonsson Gang

Christian Olander
for Nelly Rapp Monster Agent

Best Makeup

Hanna Holm LöfgrenEva von Bahr and Love Larson
for Nelly Rapp Monster Agent

Sara Klänge
for The Jonsson Gang

Daniela Krestelica
for The Other Side

Special jury groups for documentary films and short films have decided on the following nominations:

Best Short Film

Land of the Free (Du gamla, du fria)
Directed by Dawid Ullgren

Directed by Nicolas Kolovos

A Legacy of Horses
Directed by Annika Karlsson and Jessica Karlsson


Best Documentary Film

I am Greta
Directed by Nathan Grossman

Directed by David Aronowitsch

Scheme Birds
Directed by Ellen Fiske and Ellinor Hallin


The jury group for Best Internation Feature Film has decided on the following nominations:

Best International Feature Film

Directed by Shannon Murphy

For Sama
Directed by Waad Al-Kateab and Edward Watts

Directed by David Fincher


More awards at the ceremony

The Award of Honour (Hedersguldbagge) will be presented, as well as the Gullspira (for extraordinary contributions in films for children).

Awarded annually since 1964, the Guldbagge ("Golden Beetle") is the name of the Swedish Film Institute's award for achievements in film during the previous year. The award itself, in the form of a fantastical beetle, was designed by the artist Karl Axel Pehrson.

The Guldbagge Awards ceremony will be held in Stockholm on January 25, 2021. Swedish Television (SVT) will be broadcasting the event live.

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