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Reconstructing Utøya nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize

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On August the 20th, the five Nordic nominees for the Nordic Council Film Prize 2019 were presented at the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund. Selected as the Swedish submission is the documentary by Carl Javér about the survivors of the attack on Utøya.

Among other Nordic nominees are Swedish Tuva Novotny's first Norwegian directorial debut feature film Blind Spot and the Danish drama Queen of Hearts with Swedish actors Gustav Lindh and Magnus Krepper in leading roles.

The nominees for the Nordic Council Film Prize 2019 are:

  • Sweden
    Rekonstruktion Utøya (Reconstructing Utøya) by director and screenwriter Carl Javér, and screenwriter and producer Fredrik Lange.

  • Denmark
    Dronningen (Queen of Hearts) by director and screenwriter May el-Toukhy, screenwriter Maren Louise Käehne and producers Caroline Blanco and René Ezra.

  • Norway
    Blindsone (Blind Spot) by director and screenwriter Tuva Novotny and producer Elisabeth Kvithyll.

  • Finland
    Aurora by director and screenwriter Miia Tervo and producer Max Malka.

  • Iceland
    Hvítur, hvítur dagur (A White, White Day) by director and screenwriter Hlynur Pálmason and producer Anton Máni Svansson.

Reconstruction Utøya became the Swedish film with the highest rating index in 2018. Furthermore it won two Swedish Guldbagge awards, for Best Director and Best Documentary. The Swedish Film Institute has given grants to Reconstruction Utøya, Queen of Hearts and A White, White Day.

The Nordic Council Film Prize is awarded to a full-length feature film that has roots in Nordic culture and displays high standards of artistic quality and originality.

The winner of the 2019 Nordic Council Film Prize will be announced on 29 October at an award ceremony in Stockholm in conjunction with the Session of the Nordic Council. The prize of DKK 350,000 (approximately EUR 47,000) will be shared equally between the winning film’s director, scriptwriter, and producer.

Read more about the Nordic Council Film Prize.

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