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The Swedish Film Institute mourns the loss of actress Bibi Andersson

Bibi Andersson in Wild Strawberries (1957). Photo © SF StudiosBibi Andersson in Wild Strawberries (1957). Photo © SF Studios

The flag outside The Swedish Film Institute is being flown at half-mast today, in honour of celebrated actor Bibi Andersson, who passed away Sunday morning.

Anna Serner, CEO The Swedish Film Institute:

“We mourn the loss of one of Sweden’s most renowned actors. Bibi Andersson was truly one of a kind and a muse to many world leading directors, making unforgettable films with her. Her achievements in Swedish cinema cannot be overrated. She is also the only actor to have been awarded the Swedish national film award, Guldbaggen, four times. Today our thoughts go to Bibi Andersson’s husband, daughter and sister, as well as her many friends and colleagues.”

During her long and successful career, Bibi Andersson, who was born in Stockholm in 1935, featured in over 90 films, of which 11 by director Ingmar Bergman. The two met in 1951, when Bergman directed a series of soap commercials featuring a very young Bibi Andersson. She later starred in several of Bergman’s most famous films, such as The Seventh Seal (1957), Wild Strawberries (1957) and Persona (1966), for which she won an NSFC Award and the Guldbagge for Best actress.

But already in 1958 Bibi Andersson had been recognized for her talented acting, when she picked up the Best Actress award at Cannes Film Festival. An award she shared with Eva Dahlbeck, Barbro Hiort af Ornäs and Ingrid Thulin for their performances in Bergman’s Brink of Life. A few years later she was awarded Best Actress at Berlin Film Festival, for her performance in Vilgot Sjöman’s The Mistress.

The seventies brought her overseas where she starred in films by great directors as John Huston and Robert Altman and opposite actors like Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Steve McQueen, Kathleen Quinlan and Alain Delon. However, her best known non- Swedish film is the Danish Oscar winner Babette’s Feast (1987), in which Bibi Andersson played a minor role as a court lady.

In 2001, Bibi Andersson was rewarded her second Guldbagge, for the comedy Shit Happens. Two more would follow; for Elina – As if I Wasn’t There (2002) and Arn – The Knight Templar (2007).

With her often award-winning and always memorable performances in both Swedish and international cinema, Bibi Andersson will be forever remembered as one of Sweden’s truly great actors.

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