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The Swedish Film Institute presents four webinars at Berlinale

Clockwise, from left: Ylva Habel, Anna Serner, Effie T. Brown, Emilia Roig and Matthijs Wouter Knol. (Photo by Staffan Carlsson, Jessica Hanlon, press photo, Mohamed Badarne, Angela Regenbrecht/Berlinale)Clockwise, from left: Ylva Habel, Anna Serner, Effie T. Brown, Emilia Roig and Matthijs Wouter Knol. (Photo by Staffan Carlsson, Jessica Hanlon, press photo, Mohamed Badarne, Angela Regenbrecht/Berlinale)

On March 1, please join Anna Serner, CEO of the Swedish Film Institute, for a conversation about intersectionality in practice with guests who are shaping the landscape of the film industry. Beside the webinar Who Counts? there will be three other talks at the Berlinale, in collaboration with Scandinavian Films.

Monday, March 1, 14:00-15:00 (CET)
Who Counts?
The conversation will highlight tools and best practices that the audience can incorporate into their businesses daily and strategically, focusing on strategies and methods for working towards equity and against discrimination in film and television.

Effie T. Brown CEO, Gamechanger Films; Producer, Dear White PeopleReal Women Have Curves 
Dr. Emilia Roig Executive Director, Center for Intersectional Justice 
Matthijs Wouter Knol Director of the European Film Academy; former Director of the European Film Market

The event marks the international launch of the Swedish Film Institute’s report Which Women?, which looks at the impact of ethnicity, race, age and gender, on working conditions for women of color in the Swedish film industry.  The findings will be discussed by Anna Serner and researcher Ylva Habel, Assistant Professor at Södertörn Högskola in Stockholm, Sweden.

The report “Which Women?” is available for download here

Join the Who Counts? webinar here

The webinar is free and open to the public. Accreditation or pre-registration not required.

Scandinavian Films presents three webinars

These webinars, arranged by Scandinavian Films, are all moderated by journalist and editor Wendy Mitchell. All seminars are open to the public; accreditation is not required but you must register at www.scandinavianfilms.org

Tuesday, March 2, 11.00–12.00 (CET)
Joining Forces: Collaborating for Strong Co-Productions

How are producers and funders thinking about the smartest and most successful co-productions for 2021 and coming years? Experts talk about the benefit of tapping into financial incentives as well as finding the right creative collaborators. Producers offer practical advice from recent and upcoming high-profile co-productions including FleeTriangle of Sadness and Daniel.

Liselott Forsman
, CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond (Finland) 

Mike Goodridge, founder and producer, Good Chaos (UK)
Monica Hellström, producer, Final Cut for Real (Denmark)
Gudny Hummelvoll, producer, Hummefilm, and president, European Producers Club (Norway)
Riina Sildos, founder and producer, Amrion Productions (Estonia)

Wednesday, March 3, 11:00–12:00 (CET)
The Kids Are All Right: The Boom in Family Films
Children’s and family films, both live action and animation, have been audience favourites for years at the box-office. Now youth films are also much in demand on digital platforms. The experts address what kinds of kids’ films are the hottest sellers, what are the trends in storytelling for children, and what are the secrets for how these films cut through the noise to reach their target audience (and their parents).

Linda Hambäck, director and founder, LEE Film (Sweden)
Venla Hellstedt, partner and producer, Tuffi Films (Finland)
Solveig Langeland, founder and Managing Director, Sola Media (Germany)
Maryanne Redpath, Head of Berlinale Generation (Germany)
Kirstine Vinderskov, Channel Editor, Nordisk Film (Denmark)

Thursday, March 4,11:00–12:00 (CET)
Deal or No Deal: Demystifying International Sales
What do producers need to know about working with international sales companies -- how do you find the right fit for your film and how do you best work with your sales agent throughout the process? What kinds of projects are selling well in 2021, and how can sellers create buzz with debut features by unknown talents? How is the changing festival landscape of 2021 and beyond impacted sales? 

Wendy Bernfeld, founder and CEO, Rights Stuff (Netherlands)
Rikke Ennis, founder and CEO, REinvent (Denmark)
Signe Leick Jensen, producer and co-founder, Toolbox Film (Denmark) 
Heather Millard, Head of International Productions & Financing, Compass Films (Iceland)
Jan Naszewski, founder and CEO, New Europe Film Sales (Polan

For more info on the Who Counts? seminar, please contact:
Petra Kauraisa petra@kauraisa.com
Hanna Söderstedt, The Swedish Film Institute: hanna.soderstedt@filminstitutet.se +46 8 665 13 64

For Scandinavian Films seminars, please contact:
Petter Mattsson, Festival Manager at The Swedish Film Institute: petter.mattsson@filminstitutet.se +46 8 665 11 34

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