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Whistleblowers, heists and internet

Hacking Hate. Photo: Iván BlancoHacking Hate. Photo: Iván Blanco

New films from Ella Lemhagen, Patrik Eklund, Simon Klose and Nahid Persson Sarvestani - this and much more among a total of 42 projects that have been granted funding.

Hacking Hate is the upcoming documentary by Simon Klose (Berlinale’s Pirate Bay AFK) on far-right extremism online. The documentary Son of the Mullah by Nahid Persson Sarvestani had its major international premiere at IDFA. The film is about the Iranian journalist Roohollah Zam who opposed the regime and was executed in Iran in December 2020.

Ella Lemhagen has previously enjoyed international success with films such as Patrik, Age 1.5 (Patrik 1,5) and The Crown Jewels (Kronjuvelerna). Her latest title is the drama Heartbeat (Så länge hjärtat slår), about whistleblowers in the Swedish care system.

Patrik Eklund has recently garnered international success with horror comedy The Conference (Konferensen), and is also an award-winning short-film maker with great achievements at Sundance and Cannes, as well as an Academy Award nomination. He now directs the short I am the Fire (Jag är elden), about a 53-year-old sensei who’s starting to question his authority.

Co-productions include Belgian-Swedish Skiff directed by Cecilia Verheyden. The film follows skilled rower Malou, who develops feelings for her brother’s girlfriend and falls into a confusing love triangle. The Swedish co-production company is Grand Slam (Pleasure).

The Quiet Ones is a major Danish-Swedish film about one of the biggest heists in Denmark’s history. Directed by Frederik Louis Hviid (Shorta which screened in Venice).

One Thing at a Time (En sak i taget) is the latest title from well-known production company Studio 24. Johan Carlsson, producer and business partner of Roy Andersson, makes a short comedy about a workplace where we’re never quite sure what their job is.

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